Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rick Gualtieri

In the latter part of the 20th century, Rick Gualtieri was born. The world as a collective said 'meh' and thus he began his journey through a life filled with all sorts of quirks and oddness. What better thing to do than write about it? Rick Gualtieri is the author of:

The Poptart Manifesto: a collection of humorous short stories
Bill The Vampire: the first in a series of horror/comedy adventures.
Scary Dead Things: the continuation of the series started in Bill The Vampire

Rick currently lives in NJ, a good place to be for people like him.

Interview with Rick:

What are your favorite humor books?
--I’ve always liked dark humor, so instead of reading straight comedy I’ve usually looked for the humor inside of other genres. Just to name a few; even though you might not be looking for it, there are quite abit of laughs to be had from authors such as Jim Butcher and Stephen King. I also tend to read a lot of internet based humor. Mostof the writers I enjoy reading there aren’t as well known but they’re every bit as funny if not more so. For example I usuallycan’t read anything by Sean Reilly, aka seanbaby, on either without being reduced to tears.

How much of your humor is based on real lifeexperiences?
--A fairly good amount I’d say. My first book, The PopTart Manifesto, is a collection of short stories from mycollege years. I’d say a good eighty percent of them actually happened in some form or another. Moving forward with my other books it’s been a mix. Some if from real life and some is just made up, often on the fly.

Do you feel being digitally epublished allows you to be more creative with your writing choices?
--I think the key here is the time to market for epublishing vs. traditional publishing. It allows me to tell a story and get it out there before it starts to feel “stale.” With epublishing I’m on my own schedule. I can get new works out there as quickly asthey can be written and properly edited and they can be of any length. So if I wake up one day with a killer short story idea...then BAM, it could be out there for readers in comparatively little time.

If they made a movie out of one of your books,what actors would play the main characters?
--For Bill the Vampire this is an easy one. A friend once told me that the story read like Superbad with vampires. That sounded absolutely perfect to me. Thus we’d have Jonah Hill as Bill with Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as his roommates. Emma Stone might make for a killer Sally (the vampire who drags Bill into the whole mess) too.

If people just judged your books by their covers, what would they miss out on?
--I just recently relaunched Bill the Vampire with 2 new covers, one for e-books and one for the print version. They set the mood for book SO much better than my original cover did. I like to hope that my covers set the tone ofthe book. In the case of my Tome of Bill series that’s a little bit of horror coupled with a little bit of the absurd. I would hope that people would read the book’s description too as I think they go hand in hand. Minus the description, it would be hard to geta sense of the characters and the dialogue to expect.

What's the funniest part of your everyday life?
--I try to find amusement in almost any situation, sometimes inappropriately so. Thus I usually have no problems making myself laugh. Although the humor for an outsider looking in would probably revolve around how often I tend to annoy the people around me in doing so.

If wrote a fake headline about your life, what would it be?
--Rick finally puts down his iphone, one of the seven seals has thus been broken.

If you weren't writing humorous books, whatwould you be doing for a living?
--Well I’m an online marketing / e-commerce manager by trade. So I guess I could always fall back on that. Regarding the writing I also have a fondness for the horror and sci-fi genres. My next work will be dipping my toes into the former and seeing how the water feels. However, I doubt I’ll ever write anything without at least a few jokes thrown in.

Why don't you think there's more humorous books out there?
--While there are tons of comedy movies out there, I think in print most people tend to find it easier to do humor is relatively small stretches. We’re talking short stories or humor anthologies where the author can switch topics from chapter to chapter. I think for a lot of people it’s difficult to write a full length humor novel without it either getting boringor devolving into slapstick. I alsothink the audience for humor is far more niche based than for other genres. We all have different senses of humor. What I find hilarious you might find dry or moronic. Thus I’m sure there’s always that fear of writing a humor book because we can never be entirely certain that our audience will “get it.”

What's next for your fans?
--The newest book I’m working on is a Horror/adventure novel revolving around the efforts to stop a killer Sasquatch. It’s a story I’vehad percolating in my head for a while and so far it seems to be coming along nicely. I’m finding wholesale slaughter to be just as enjoyable to write as jokes. Not sure what that says about me as a person, but whatever. After that, I’ll be hopping back into my Tome of Bill series for the third book. For anyone who has read the first two, if they think the stuff has hit the fan for my characters...they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Bill The Vampire
Amazon UK

Scary Dead Things
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The Poptart Manifesto
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