Monday, October 31, 2011

Sheila Horgan

Blessed to be born into a strong Irish American family, Sheila describes herself as 'one of ten', although a recount would be appropriate. The original family unit was once limited to Mom and Dad, and seven brothers and sisters. That unit has grown to include in-laws, nieces and nephews, grandkids and more. It is a family rich in tradition and it shaped every aspect of Sheila's life.

Sheila raised her son, as well as a plethora of other children she calls her own, and now enjoys the title of Grandma.

When asked about her writing, Sheila states, 'I devoted the first phase of my life to my parents and family, the second to my children, this last phase is for me. I love to write, share my somewhat skewed vision of the world, and with luck, make people laugh now and then.'

Sheila is currently living in Tampa Bay Florida, where her 'Tea' series takes place. She will also be publishing a series of papers on her thoughts about parenting, a satirical look at the way parents are dealing with the challenge of raising kids in today's world.

Interview with Sheila:

What are your favorite humor books?
--I like to laugh. The louder the better. I am of the opinion that it is when we forget to laugh that we begin to age much more quickly. I love any book that makes me laugh-out-loud.

How much of your humor is based on real life experiences?
--My books are fiction. That means that I can pick and choose the very best parts of everyone and everything I’ve ever encountered and use it at any given time. I am blessed that I was raised in a home where humor was valued. If you could make my mother laugh, she wouldn’t kill you dead for your latest offense. I’m still here, I must have learned something along the way.

Do you feel being digitally epublished allows you to be more creative with your writing choices?
--I’ve never considered anything but epublishing.

If they made a movie out of one of your books, what actors would play the main characters?
--I have no clue. I can’t remember the last movie I watched that had 20something comedic leads.

What should readers expect from a Sheila Horgan book?
--I believe there are as many answers to this question as there are readers. For me, a book is an escape and an educator. I want a book that will provide me with an experience I’ve not yet been blessed with.

If people judged your books by their covers, what hijinks would they miss out on?
--For the Tea series, all the books have a cup of tea on the front. I love the covers but they do not scream funny. More cozy. I consider my books to be installments in a hybrid of traditional novel and serial novel, looking at life with humor and family, that is not exactly spelled out by a cup of tea.

What's the funniest part of your everyday life?
--Life is good. I’ve raised my kids and am now proud to be a grandma. I have the luxury of being the one that gets to laugh – all the pleasure with none of the responsibility.

If wrote a fake headline about your life, what would it be?
--The Joke’s on Her.

If you weren't writing humorous books, what would you be doing for a living?
--I was a stay at home mom. My kids are grown. I’m retired.

Why don't you think there's more humorous books out there?
--I think that people have lost the art of stepping outside their own reality and into something fun and funny. In a society that constantly pushes the boundaries of negativity, something positive and fun is not as valued as it once was. Humans are cyclical. Fun will come back into fashion.

What's next for your fans?
--I have the next book in the Tea series about half written. I also have a spin off series, using three of the lesser characters of the Tea series, in a new series called The Girls. The first book, Las Vegas, is about half done. I have also written a completely different style of book called Consequences. It is an emotional roller coaster and is now available on both Kindle and Nook. I am writing the next in that series, Promises, which I hope to have published first quarter next year.

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