Sunday, October 30, 2011

PJ Jones

PJ Jones spends her days scrubbing pots, collecting clown figurines and chasing five squealing kids around the house. No, that sounds too pathetic.
She lives on a 70 foot yacht and drinks sparkling wine by her pool while basking in the salty air and communicating with the local dolphins. Too far fetched?

She sits in front of a computer most of the day, writing, deleting, then writing some more, until her butt is numb and her brain is fried. Better?

Prior to becoming a full-time chair warmer, PJ Jones not-so-enjoyed a short stint as a journalist and then seven blissful years as a high school English teacher. Rest assured that none of her sentences will end with prepositions cuz she studied grammers in that there college and she ain't stoopid.

PJ would LOVE to hear from her readers @ or you can visit her webpage @

Interview with PJ:

What are your favorite humor books?

--My favorite humor books are books that make me laugh out loud. Think Mykle Hansen's, Help! A Bear is Eating Me! or Romi Moondi's The Book of Awful.

How much of your writing is based on real life experiences?

--I've had some pretty hilarious life experiences. I've also had some pretty awful life experiences. Either way, I find that infusing humor into my day-to-day life helps me get through the tough times.

Do you think that epublishing allows you to try different things you wouldn't if you were strictly traditionally published?

--Yes, I do feel that I can be more creative. Romance Novel was rejected by many publishing houses simply because of the crude nature. I don't have to worry about censorship as an indie author.

If they made a movie out of one of your books, who would it star?

--If they made a movie out of my dark comedy, Driving Me Nuts! I'd sure like to see Owen Wilson or Daniel Tosh play the role of Fred. I think Ben Still could play Ruckus. I'd like Amanda Seyfried to portray Apple.

What should readers expect from a PJ Jones book?

--For my parodies, readers can expect crude and squee your pants funny. If you walk around most of the day with a stick wedged up your a$$, then my parodies are not for you. As far as my comedies are concerned, be prepared for some dark humor, and bring a tissue box because I actually deep, intense moments that may cause you to shed a tear or two.

If readers judged your books by just their covers, what would they miss out on?

--Well, I think my parody covers pretty much tell the readers that outrageous humor is ahead. Bizarre how my artist is usually spot-on with knowing exactly what I want in a cover, as if she's reading my mind.

What's the funniest part of your everyday life?

--The funniest part of my everyday life is that I can get out of bed each morning and go on my day without being in incredible pain or suffering from extreme fatigue. If you would have seen me a few years ago, you'd think that was pretty darned funny.

What would you be doing if you weren't writing humorous books?

--Well, I used to teach high school English to stoodents, but I ain't no good with grammers no more. I think I'd be a reality star (talentless nobody who equates being a selfish b**ch with oscar winning talent). I could have my own show titled: I'M AN IDIOT AND YOU ARE, TOO, SINCE YOU'D RATHER WATCH MY STUPID SHOW, THAN SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. I could act really trashy and stupid just to jack up ratings. Then, I could get a multi-million dollar book deal through a prestigious NY book publisher and I'd be a writer again.

Why are there so few humor books?

--There are not enough humorous books out there because writing humor is hard, or so they tell me. I think pulling random stupid sh** out of your butt takes a special kind of talent.

What's next for your fans?

--After I finish working on a few paranormal parody short stories, I'm going to write Romance Novel II and another dark comedy. And as always, you can catch me every Friday night at Curiosity Quills ( for my humorous paranormal column, Paranormalady. You can also check out my blog @ for links to my books and updates.

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