Saturday, October 29, 2011

Edward Talbot

Edward G. Talbot is the pen name for a collaboration of two American authors:
Ed Parrot lives in Massachusetts and has long been fascinated with turning ideas into written words. Jason Derrig lives in Maine and likes to tell stories, especially about conspiracies. The two authors have collaborated to create a brand of thriller that keeps the stakes high while not taking itself too seriously.
Edward G. Talbot has released two thriller novels, a thriller half-novel, a novella in collaboration with Jeremy Robinson, and two collections of short stories:
"2012: 5th World" is a thriller centering on the end of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/2012.
"New World Orders" is a global warming conspiracy thriller available in print and kindle formats
"Alive From New York" is a terrorism thriller available for kindle.
"A Funny Pair of Shorts" is an kindle book containing three humorous short stories
"A Horrifying Pair of Shorts" is a kindle book containing three horror short stories
"Callsign: Rook" is a thriller novella co-written with Jeremy Robinson using one of Robinson's "Chess Team" characters
The Edward G. Talbot philosophy can be summed up with the slogan on their web site: Heroes don't always win. Villains don't always lose.

A Funny Pair Of Shorts
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